Thursday, April 15, 2010

FREE office/school/craft supplies

I hesitated to post this one, because while it's a freebie, there is a catch. But I figure I'll let you guys know about it and you can decide if it's worth it or not.

Office Depot if offering 100 percent off nine items (see the list online here):
Bottled water
Photo paper
Post-it notes
Writing utensils
Storage boxes
Legal pads

Now, you can only "purchase" two of each item per day, and the offer is good until April 24. You do need to become a member of their Worklife Reward Club, which you can do for free here.

The catch is, you have to pay for these items upfront, and then Office Depot will load onto your reward club membership a credit for the value, which you can use later on other purchases. So while this is a "free" deal, it's only going to work for you if there are other things you need to purchase at Office Depot.

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