Sunday, February 21, 2010

More than $100 in Target coupons

When my fiance and I put our family of nine together, we both moved to what's kindly called "Lower-Slower Delaware." And I must say, there are lots of things to like about living in a town with a population of just 259 (er, make that 268 now, eh?) there are one or two things I miss.

I must admit, one of those is my Target. In fact, I miss it so much that when I travel, I often schedule to hit the Target in the place we are visiting.

I hope I can do that before the $115 in store coupons Target just released (available here) expires. These are good, high value coupons, most worth $1 or more, for grocery products I use every day: including crackers, snacks, cheese, pizza and other items. You should be able to stack these store coupons with manufacturers coupons, but if you have any problems, you can refer to the store's coupon policy, posted online here.

I wanted to be sure to share these in case you had a Target closer to where you live. You can find your closest store here.

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