Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Saints?? Go Colts??

For those of you who don't already have a favorite team for Sunday's game, here's a win-win for you....

Become a fan of Louisiana Hot Sauce on Facebook here and you can sign up for a free bottle of hot sauce if the Saints win.

Then go on over to Crofter's Organic Facebook page here and become a fan. There you can predict who will win (simply post it on their wall before the start of the game), and if your prediction comes true they will send you a free jar of Superfruit (U.S. and Canada residents only). If you pick the Colts, you'll be a winner either way.


  1. Sorry folks. Looks like the Hot Sauce offer for Facebook fans is now closed. I'll let you know about the next deal I find.

  2. The Crofter's deal is also closed now. But their page says they do give aways often, so to check back. I'll be doing that!