Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outlet shopping club -- better than FREE

Do you live in (or plan to visit) one of the 22 states with a Tanger Outlet mall (find locations here)?

If so, you can join their shopping club for half price ($5 instead of $10) by going to their cub page here and entering the discount code 1734310M.

Membership gets you:
* A free tote bag. I got mine today, and it's quite nice, roomy and sturdy!
* A coupon book with $1,200 worth of coupons. Not that anyone is going to shop in every store, but it's likely you'll find a coupon or two you will use.
* Seasonal member specials and gift cards.
* Exclusive web offers.
* A $10 gift card for your birthday.

The way I do the math, I'm already in the black on this one. I used one of the coupons (saved $3), will get my birthday perk in time for Christmas ($10) and got a free tote (gotta be worth at least $10). That makes a grand total savings so far of $23 -- $18 more than the $5 I spent on the club membership.

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