Monday, March 29, 2010

$11.50 in Arm and Hammer coupons

Go here for your coupons offered by the Arm and Hammer folks on their web page.

I'm bummed that I never see coupons for their Super Washing Soda. That's one of the three ingredients I use in the powdered laundry soap the kids and I make. It ends up costing me about $4 for enough to do about 100 loads -- a big savings over the $10 or more I was spending on bottles of the stuff I used to buy at the grocery store. And with nine people in the family, well, we do a lot of laundry!

Here's my recipe:

3 cups finely shredded bar soap (one bar of Ivory = 1 cup)
3 cups 12-Team Borax
3 cups Super Washing Soda

Put in a large lidded container. Shake.
Use 2 T per large load.

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