Friday, March 26, 2010

FREE personalized photo wall calendar

I love this offer from Vistaprint. Go here to get one Free personalized photo wall calendar (regular price about $16).

I love these as gifts for several reasons:
1. You can upload up to 13 photos (one for the cover, and one for each month).
2. You can start with any month. Making one for a Mother's Day gift? Start with May or June. Father's Day? June or July. A special birthday? You get the picture.
3. You can add text on calendar days -- no more forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, special events, etc.

Now, you will have to pay shipping, which starts at about $5 for what they say can take up to 21 days (so plan ahead, although I have received my orders shipped this way in as little as a week).

And you can only order one calendar for the FREE deal. However, you can place more than one order and pay the additional shipping to get more FREE calendars.

You can also add other FREE personalized items to your order, which will reduce your per item shipping costs. Some ideas:

FREE ceramic mug here (choose from 49 designs, regular price $10).
FREE tote bag here (choose from 36 designs, regular price $13)
FREE ball cap here (choose from 36 designs, regular price $15)
FREE photo flip book here (regular price $10)

But you might want to heed their warning: Yesterday I was making another one of their free products, and my internet blipped, so I set it aside to finish today. When I signed back on this morning, they suddenly wanted to charge me $8 for an item that had been free the night before.

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