Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More FREE personalized items

This week I got my "free" orders from VistaPrint. And I have to say, I am a fan!

I told you about their free T-shirts and free tote bags already. You are only allowed one free item of each type per order, but you can place several orders to get several free items and all you have to pay is shipping (less than $5 for two items).

Today I'm excited about the free postcards, business cards, address labels and invitations I am designing.

VistaPrint's main focus is to produce custom print products for businesses. But there are all kinds of creative ways to use their templates to make items for personal use.

For example, I turned a marketing postcard into a sample "save the date" notice for our wedding. Get 100 free (value $25):

Not planning a wedding. How about a barbecue, luau or kid's birthday party? Prefer cards with envelopes? Get 10 free (value $10)
No? Use the cards to make recipe cards. Give them to guests at a baby or wedding shower and have them provide their favorite recipes. Or package them together with a nice box as a gift for your favorite cook (I designed the back in gray scale -- which is free -- with the word "Dire
ctions" at the top and the rest blank).

Don't need return address labels? Why not use the VistaPrint template to make name plates for your favorite books. Get 140 free (value $10)

Business cards not something you ever thought you'd need? How about making up some "mommy cards" to leave with babysitters, playgroups or to give to the other mothers you meet. Get 250 free (value $20):
The only limit it your imagination!

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  1. Don't ya love Vista Print? It seems the more times you get free items, the more items they will let you get for free!
    I like to choose business cards and get them BLANK. I use them to write quick notes (in lunch boxes, agendas for school, etc.) or for small lists or bookmarks.