Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another FREEBIE for good grades!!

First it was Blockbuster and Chuck E. Cheese.

Now it's Krispy Kreme's Good Grades Program.

Again, I have to thank fan Patti M.M. for this one, which I confirmed with the company's spokespeople today.

The doughnut shop will give students one original glazed doughnut for every A they earn on their report card. "If a different grading system is used as opposed to letter grades, they can still receive a doughnut for each grade that is the equivalent of an 'A' in their grading system," according to company customer representative Debbie Thompson.

The program is limited to kids in grades kindergarten through grade six. The maximum number of doughnuts awarded per report card is six.

Go here to locate a store close to you.

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  1. The wonderful ladies at our closest location let the kids pick any donut they want, not just glazed. It's so fun :)